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Love to travel but don’t always have someone to travel with?

Individual Traveller is designed for men and women 45+ who love to travel and still have their independence but equally might like to share their day’s experience over a glass of wine or perhaps dinner at night.

At Individual Traveller with our small group bespoke itineraries you will enjoy visiting destinations at a leisurely pace with plenty of time to soak up the local atmosphere, mingle with the locals, enjoy the food and culture and travel with new friends.

Travel where you’ve never been with friends you’ve never met

    And the bar is open most nights to get together & enjoy the night life!
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Solo Holidays and Travelling Alone with Individual Traveller is one of the best decisions you could make for your personal journey in life. Explore the world with other solo and individual travellers

We provide holidays for singles through solo travel tours and experiences, ensuring your travelling companions are of the same approach – Solo yet Independent. The 2017 Italy, UK, Ireland and Sri Lanka tours have now been released. Contact Liz at The Individual Traveller today to learn more about our fantastic escorted tours for solo and single travellers.

Contact the Solo Travel experts at Individual Traveller to learn more about our exciting singles group tours. Our extensive experience in travel to Italy, UK, Ireland, France, Sri Lanka, India and South Africa comes to the fore with Individual Traveller.

Enjoy the freedom of knowing your personal travel team will look after every aspect of your solo holiday. Based from our office in Albert Park, Victoria, our solo traveller clients are from all corners of Australia.

Solo Travellers Come Together to Enjoy Singles Holidays with Like Minded Individuals in 2017.

Why The Individual Traveller? A typical scenario where the day is spent either sightseeing or just relaxing, having a swim or just people watching over a coffee is heightened in the evening. Dinners and evenings offer the opportunity to mix with your fellow solo travelers and discuss your day of adventure or leisure, depending on your holiday ideal. The aim of our holidays for singles is to bring solo travelers together in small groups to enjoy both the beautiful holiday destinations and the company of compatible fellow travellers. Our 2017 Italy, UK, Ireland, France, Sri Lanka, India and South Africa Tours are now available for inquiry.

Why Choose Individual Traveller for Solo and Singles Travel?

The amazing range of solo travel tours offered by Individual Traveller are expertly organised by our highly skilled travel professionals who have more than 25 years experience in the field, having already established the hugely successful Italia Mia and Travel Avenue independent travel groups. These agencies have been offering singles travel to Italy for many years, as well as trips all around the world to beautiful and exotic destinations such as Bali, Thailand, the USA, England, Fiji, India, and more. Our experts are not only passionate about travel, but they’ve also ‘been there, done that’, gaining real world experience that enables them to create the most unique travel itineraries in some of the world’s best places to travel alone. We’re dedicated to making travel for singles much more enjoyable, which is why we offer 24 hour support, both before and during your trip. We’ve got skilled experts on hand to ensure you get the most from your solo holiday, and we ensure that our local guides are always available to help you optimise your experience and provide insider knowledge for a happy and healthy trip.

A Solo Traveler can now Explore the World Through our Independent Travel Group Options for 2017.

Individual Traveller provides the solo traveler with peace of mind, knowing they have 24 hour support through their Local guides or direct contact with our office. All independent travel group tours are planned to ensure a smooth journey with all the necessary requirements taken care of such as private transfers, double rooms for solo use, a meeting point at the end of the day where guests can meet and decide how they wish to spend their evening.

Individual Traveller — Group Travel Options for Solo and Single Travellers.

Individual Traveller provides exciting opportunities for men and women who have always dreamed of travelling solo, but have been apprehensive of venturing to a new country alone as a single traveller. As one of Australia’s leading independent travel groups, we’re passionate about creating unique solo travel experiences, and putting you in touch with other like-minded independent travellers; those who love immersing themselves in different cultures, taking in breathtaking sights, and sampling local cuisine. Quite simply, we offer access to the best places to travel alone

Holidays for Singles are tailored to the needs of Solo Travelers with Individual Traveller.

Breakfast is included daily and some lunches with entrance fees included as specified on itineraries. Porter services are included to provide a full service for all solo travelers. Travel in 2017 with the Individual Traveller solo excursions and tours.

Solo and Single Travel Experts at the Individual Traveller offer true independence for our clients. Travelling alone does not mean being on your own – Individual Travel 2017.

With a unique focus on holidays for singles, Individual Traveller’s aim is to find a happy medium for those travelling alone; to encourage the independence and confidence to travel solo, while also offering the support of a friendly and adventurous group, and the expertise of our skilled travel planners. We’re proud to offer a personalised, tailored service for all our solo travellers, giving the single traveller choice of whether to explore your destination alone, or meet up with your group to plan your excursions and trips.

Support and Assistance for all Single Travellers is Offered with Every Solo Itinerary.

Ultimately, Individual Traveller helps you to achieve your travel goals, by offering the support and assistance you need to enable you to see the world on your own terms as a single traveller. By managing your booking and ensuring everything is in place for your trip, we take the stress out of travelling solo, helping you to enjoy a fantastic experience, and making sure you have the trip of lifetime, each and every time you travel.

Discover the 2017 Solo and Singles Travel Tours from Individual Traveller.

Travelling Alone with Individual Traveller brings the best of all worlds together - Travel with like minded singles and enjoy the company of new friends.