Our itineraries are designed for Solo Travellers, Men & Women 55+  who love to travel with flexibility but don’t always feel comfortable about travelling alone or who prefer not to travel with couples and families.

With Double Rooms for Single Use included, you can also get together in the bar at the end of the day  with your new friends to enjoy and explore the night life.

Starting with Italy and launching in 2016 Individual Traveller now offers bespoke journeys to over 18 countries for solo travellers who love to travel and make new friends.

You can also book with your local travel agent.

Radio Interview


Liz Young has travelled solo many times over the years for both work and  leisure and thoroughly enjoys Solo travel adventures. “During the day is great, either sightseeing or just relaxing, having a swim or just people watching over a coffee but at night sometimes you would think how great it would be to share the days experience with a friend over a meal or glass of wine”. It’s at night that you sometimes see people sitting in a restaurant reading a book by themselves. Or they may just stay in their room and miss out on the night life! We have been developing Individual Traveller for a number of years and have changed the concept many times over.  We now have a great product to offer solo travellers who love their independence but want to share their travel experiences with like-minded people. Our itineraries have so many great inclusions and staying in 4* well located Hotels plus you can meet at the end of the day in the Hotel bar for a drink with your new friends and decide what your plans will be for that night. There are many solo women only tours out there and not enough for solo men so Individual Traveller has been developed for both men and women. So gentlemen, put down those golf clubs and see the World. And ladies, our trips include porterage so no-one has to carry the bags! We cannot guarantee the equal number of men and women on each tour.

During her career Liz has held Senior Management positions in Sales & Marketing including Call Centres with Qantas Airways & Qantas Holidays in Australia and the UK, Cox & Kings Australia, Peregrine Adventures.